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Grimes Suing KY GOP, McConnell For Campaign Mailer Aiming To Suppress Vote
1 hour ago: Crooks and Liars
Even for Mitch McConnell, this is ugly. Anyone receiving the mailer pictured above would probably think they were about to be arrested for daring to vote. Instead, it's just the same old Republican pro-coal nonsense inside with a scary outer...
USA Today's Susan Page: Obama Team 'Most Dangerous to the Press' In U.S. History
1 hour ago: blogs
Add USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page to the growing list of media personnel complaining the Obama administration isn’t living up to its much hyped (and much failed) policy of being the most open and transparent (and ethical)...
Topics: Barack Obama
Omidyar-funded candidate takes seat in new Ukraine parliament
1 hour ago: The Agonist
Pando, By Mark Ames, October 30 Ukraine just held its first post-revolution parliamentary elections, and amid all of the oligarchs, EU enthusiasts, neo-Nazis, nepotism babies, and death squad commanders, there is one newly-elected...
Topics: Ukraine
Canada Restricts Visas Amid Ebola Scare
5 hours ago: George's Bottom Line
Canada to stop giving visas to residents of West African countries with widespread Ebola
Topics: Canada
Southern Company Earnings: What the Dollars Don't Tell You
4 hours ago: Headlines
Exceeding earnings expectations might not be enough for this dividend stock.
Topics: Dividend
Why Shares of Aegerion Phaemaceuticals, Inc. Were Obliterated Today
4 hours ago: Headlines
Is this meaningful? Or just another movement?
Jindal Joins Democrats in Criticizing Christie Outburst
1 hour ago: Swampland
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s “bully” image is coming under bipartisan attack this week, as the likely 2016 hopeful is crisscrossing the nation this weekend in a final campaign to help elect Republican governors before...
Are My Muscular Dystrophy Drugs Working?
8 hours ago: Newswise: MedNews
People with muscular dystrophy could one day assess the effectiveness of their medication with the help of a smartphone-linked device, a new study in mice suggests. The study used a new method to process ultrasound imaging information that could...
The 7 Most Controversial Ads of Election 2014
5 hours ago: George's Bottom Line
Attack ads are some of the oldest -- and dirtiest -- tricks in the political playbook. And 2014 has seen it's share.
Deep Dive On What Facebook Stock Investors Need To Know This Week
4 hours ago: Headlines
With Facebook reporting earnings recently, what should investors keep in mind?
Burkina Faso: Ban notes resignation of President, as envoy arrives in crisis-gripped capital
7 hours ago: UN News Centre - Top Stories
As his special envoy arrived in Burkina Faso this morning following the country’s deteriorating security situation, the Secretary-General noted today the resignation of President Blaise Compaoré and continues to follow events there with great...
Are You Outperforming the Market? - Weekend Wisdom
6 hours ago: Zacks Investment Research
What a year so far. And there's still more to go. The total return for the market is already up 9.70%. With another 2 months to go, it's on pace for a 12% gain, and maybe even more. But why are so many investors underperforming the...
Burkina Faso's President Was Just Ousted. These 12 Photos Show What Happened
5 hours ago: That's Fit
After 27 years in power, Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore stepped down on Friday after mass protests against his efforts to extend his rule. The Washington Post reports that three generals are vying to fill the presidency, raising the...
Critic of NASA’s asteroid mission offers a solution
7 hours ago: SciGuy
During his only  space policy speech, back in 2010, President Obama said NASA would strike a new course. Instead of reaching for the moon, he said, NASA would go to an asteroid in the mid-2020s as a stepping stone to Mars. But the realities of...
Pentagon Claims Russian Air Force Planes Endanger Civil Flights
5 hours ago: RIA Novosti
Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby during a press briefing on Friday has announced that Russian Air Force planes pose a risk to civil aviation in the sheer number of and size of and scope of these flights.
Topics: Pentagon
ISIS Beheads & Crucifies Man for Encouraging Son to Join Gov. Police
5 hours ago: The Gateway Pundit
The ISIS terror group beheaded and crucified a man in Deir ez-Zor for encouraging his son to join the government police force. #Syria | #ISIS beheads & crucified Jaber al-Khaled, a relative to Jish al-Islam leader, in Deir ez-Zor...
Landrieu defends race comment
4 hours ago: Politics
She says the South is not "the easiest place for African Americans to advance."
Gold And Silver Capitulation?
9 hours ago: ETF DAILY NEWS
Gold Silver Worlds: The end of QE3 is official. What does this mean for markets and metals? The short answer: deflation ahead. The longer answer: almost all asset prices are about to come down (sharply) except the U.S. Dollar. As we all know, the...
Topics: Gold
The JookBox portable speaker makes everyone at the party a DJ
8 hours ago: Digital Trends
Part multi-room speaker, part portable companion, the JookBox uses a specialized app to allow multiple users to add their own flavor to the playlist on as many as 10 speakers at a time. The post The JookBox portable speaker makes everyone at the...
More Downside Ahead For Precious Metals
9 hours ago: ETF DAILY NEWS
Jordan Roy-Byrne: Last week we argued that the underperformance of the gold miners during Gold’s rebound was a bad sign. Since then the miners have plunged to new lows while Gold appears to be at the doorstep of a major breakdown below $1180. It...
Topics: Gold
How To Make A Real Zombie
9 hours ago: Business Insider
The slouching, flesh-eating zombie has become one of the most in-vogue creatures in current TV and movie offerings, appearing in films like "World War Z" and in the AMC series "The Walking Dead." Most rational people scoff at the suggestion that...
Xbox One Slim: tipped with tinier AMD chip
8 hours ago: SlashGear
How do you beat the competition in the gaming console business? If you're Microsoft and you've got an Xbox One, the most recent and best answer you might have is cutting costs. They've currently got a holiday sale on their Kinect-less Xbox One,...
Kids: An Rx for Menopause's Hot Flashes?
8 hours ago:
FRIDAY, Oct. 31, 2014 -- Women who live with young children may be less likely to suffer hot flashes after going through surgical menopause, a new study suggests. The finding, published recently in the journal Menopause, followed a small group of...
Rocket Explosion Prompts Doubts about Commercial Spaceflight
7 hours ago: Scientific American
This week’s fiery failure of Orbital Sciences’s Antares rocket has some wondering if the company has the right stuff to support NASA’s goal to outsource orbital flights -- Read more on
Bodies of 3 young US citizens — who were tied up and shot in the head — identified in Mexico
8 hours ago: The Raw Story
The bodies of three people, tied-up and with gunshot wounds to the head, have been identified as siblings from Texas reported missing earlier this month, a northeastern Mexico state prosecutor said on Friday. The siblings’ suspected abduction...
Topics: Mexico
George Takei Beams into The Colbert Report to Save the Midterms from Utter Indifference
9 hours ago: Mediaite
As Stephen Colbert reminded his viewers Thursday night, despite the fact that this year’s midterm elections will be the most expensive ever, voters could not be more indifferent about the outcome. The whole thing reminded him of an old Star...
Get On The Jake Gyllenhaal Bandwagon Now: Nightcrawler, Reviewed
7 hours ago: Deadspin
1. Why don't we talk about Jake Gyllenhaal more? This is an actor whoRead more...
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