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Zahra Urges Parliament To Elect Lebanon President On Saturday
12 hours ago: Ya Libnan
Lebanese Forces MP Antoine Zahra called on MPs to elect a new president on Saturday, after Speaker Nabih Berri called for a session to express solidarity with the Christians of Iraq’s Mosul and with Gaza. “If two thirds of MPs were present to...
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Rockets Fired At Israel From Lebanon
13 hours ago: RIA Novosti
Two rockets targeting north Israel were fired from Lebanon overnight on Friday, Lebanon’s National News Agency said Friday.
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War Vets Say That Mental Health Issues Are Their Top Concern
13 hours ago: ThinkProgress
Army veteran Michael Blazer from Lebanon, Tenn. joins others to place 1,892 flags representing veteran and service members who have died by suicide to date in 2014, Thursday, March 27, 2014, on the National Mall in Washington. CREDIT: AP...
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Lebanon Patriarch Praises Hariri’s Road Map, Urged Its Adoption
July 24, 2014: Ya Libnan
Lebanon’s Maronite Patriarch Beshara Boutros al-Rai praised on Thursday the roadmap proposed by former pm and Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri and urged all parties to abide by it. In remarks published in al-Mustaqbal newspaper on...
Michigan Ice Cream Man Accused Of Killing U.n. Peacekeepers In Lebanon Decades Ago
July 22, 2014:
A Michigan ice cream truck operator alleged to have participated in the killing of two Irish United Nations peacekeepers in his native Lebanon more than three decades ago has been arrested over an immigration violation stemming from entering the...
Lebanese Media Unite To Support Palestinians In Gaza
July 22, 2014: VOA News
Lebanon’s normally highly divisive television stations have joined together to express their support for the Palestinian cause in Gaza by airing a joint newscast entitled, “Palestine, you are not alone.” The highly emotive half-an-hour...
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15% Of The World's Countries Require Their Heads Of State To Be From A Certain Religion
July 22, 2014: AOL TV
A Muslim person has no hope of winning the presidency in Lebanon due to a requirement that the executive leader be a member of the Maronite Christian Church. Such a rule might seem extreme from the perspective of religious freedom, but Lebanon is...
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Hamas Presents
July 22, 2014: Power Line
(Scott Johnson) The invaluable MEMRI supplies the subtitles for the video of Hamas at work underground; the video was recently broadcast on Al-Jazeera TV in Qatar and Al-Quds TV in Lebanon. In the footage, as Stuart Winer notes in the Times of...
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Food Insecurity A New Threat For Lebanon’s Syrian Refugees
July 22, 2014: Inter Press Service
By Mona AlamiBEIRUT, Jul 22 2014 (IPS) A declining economy and a severe drought have raised concerns in Lebanon over food security as the country faces one of its worst refugee crises, resulting from the nearby Syria war, and it is these refugees...
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Sign Of Things To Come As Lebanon's Wellspring Village Dries Up.
July 22, 2014: Environmental Health News
In a Chouf village that boasts numerous springs and a river that feeds several regions with drinking water, residents are increasingly relying on private water companies, another sign of the serious drought that Lebanon is facing.
Lebanon’s Tvs Tell Gazans: ‘palestine, You Are Not Alone’
July 22, 2014: Ya Libnan
All of Lebanon’s main TV channels decided to broadcast simultaneously on Monday at 8:10 pm (1710 GMT) a unified News Bulletin in support of Gazans in the face of an Israeli military offensive that has killed hundreds under the banner...
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The Israeli Army Is Suffering Some Of Its Most Severe Losses In Years
July 21, 2014: Business Insider
So far, 25 Israeli soldiers have been killed during the first four days of ground operations in Gaza. This equals over one-fifth as many as the 121 Israeli soldiers killed during the 2006 Lebanon War, widely remembered as one of the worst debacles...
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Lebanon Set To Delay Oil And Gas License Auction Until 2015
July 21, 2014: SA Currents
Lebanon reportedly will delay the first auction of oil and natural gas licenses in its coastal waters until 2015 because of political gridlock over decrees needed to start the bidding process.Lebanon hasn't had a president since May because...
Al Hassan’s Funeral Was Boycotted By Elders, Clerics And Hometown Residents
July 21, 2014: Ya Libnan
Monzer Khaldoun Al-Hassan who was accused last month of providing the Duroy Hotel bombers with suicide vests and explosives was buried today in his hometown of Bizbina in the Akkar province of north Lebanon. He was killed on Sunday during a raid by...
Berri: Lebanon President Should Be Elected Before The Parliament
July 21, 2014: Ya Libnan
Lebanon Speaker Nabih Berri reiterated his position that a president should be elected before holding the parliamentary elections, according to a report by al-Joumhouria newspaper on Monday. “We cannot appoint a new prime minister before the...
Five Iranian Weapons Of War Israel Should Fear
July 20, 2014: The National Interest
John Allen Gay Defense, Security, Military Strategy, Israel, Iran, Palestinian territories, Lebanon An Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities wouldn't go unanswered. What are the most dangerous tools at Tehran's disposal? Editor’s Note:...
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Lebanese Troops Kill Militant Linked To Bombing
July 20, 2014: Nightline's Daily Line
State media: Lebanese troops kill militant linked to Beirut hotel bombing
Hezbollah Taking Credit For Keeping I.s. Out Of Lebanon
July 20, 2014: Ya Libnan
Hezbollah took credit for keeping the Islamic State (IS) out of Lebanon. Hezbollah MP Hassan Fadlallah said that only Hezbollah can prevent the “caliphate” declared by jihadist group the Islamic State (IS) in parts of Syria and Northern Iraq...
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Fugitive Behind Lebanon Hotel Bombing Killed By Isf
July 20, 2014: Ya Libnan
The Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) , Intelligence branch was able to kill Monzer Khaldoun al-Hassan who was accused last month of providing the Duroy Hotel bombers with explosives, LBC reported on Sunday The Lebanese authorities circulated...
Lebanon To Probe Boy Beating Video
July 20, 2014: Ya Libnan
Lebanon has ordered an investigation into horrific video footage that has gone viral on the Internet showing a small child beating a boy, believed to be Syrian, urged on by adults. In the footage, the child, named Abbas, swings a club at the thin,...
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