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Obama’s Isis Speech Caused More Recruits To Join Isis
3 hours ago: Sweetness & Light
From an irony-proof Reuters: After Obama speech, Islamic State wins new recruits in Syria-monitor By Tom Perry | September 17, 2014 BEIRUT (Reuters) – Islamic State has won new recruits in Syria since President Barack Obama signaled...
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Army Fully Capable Of Engaging In Tough Battles With Terrorists, Says Chief
9 hours ago: Ya Libnan
Lebanon Army chief General Jean Kahwaji stressed on Thursday that the military is  well equipped to engage in fierce  battles with terrorists in the northeastern border town of Arsal He revealed  that the United States and France will...
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The International Rescue Committee In Beirut
14 hours ago:
Filming on location in Istanbul, we get up before dawn, to make the most of the daylight. On the ride to set, I see families sleeping under trees along the banks of the Bosporus. "Those are Syrian refugees," the girl in the front of the van says....
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Aoun Visits Jumblatt At His Residence In Clemenceau, Update
September 17, 2014: Ya Libnan
Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Michel Aoun visited Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt at his Beirut residence in Clemenceau on Wednesday,according to local media reports . Jumblatt’s son Taymour reportedly attended the...
Massive Power Blackout Hits Lebanon
September 15, 2014: Ya Libnan
BEIRUT: Lebanon has been hit with a massive power blackout since 9:20 a.m. Monday, due to a malfunction in the Zahrani power plant of Electricite Du Liban ( EDL) utility company , according to local reports Failures at the Zahrani power plant are...
Israel Is Prepared For Any Hezbollah Threat, Report
September 15, 2014: Ya Libnan
A future war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah could see the Shiite militant group cross the border in strength and seize Israeli territory, a senior officer said in comments widely reported by Israeli media on Monday. The Jerusalem Post quoted the...
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Lebanon Arrests ‘prankster’ For Threatening To Behead Syrian Refugee Children
September 14, 2014: The Raw Story
Lebanese police have arrested a man who staged a sick prank by filming himself threatening to behead three Syrian refugee children left in his care, a security official told AFP on Saturday. The police also briefly arrested the children’s...
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Captors Of Lebanese Are Making Impossible Demands, Ibrahim
September 14, 2014: Ya Libnan
Lebanon’s General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim said in Qatar where he arrived with a ministerial delegation led by Prime Minister Tammam Salam that Qatar is playing the role of mediator, but the captors of the security personnel are...
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Syrian Refugees Suffer Revenge Attacks In Lebanon After Isis Beheadings
September 13, 2014: Ya Libnan
Syrian refugee Ibrahim Abbas Ali and his family awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of gunfire outside their tent in Lebanon, and for a second time they raced off into the fields, fleeing a war that now seems to have followed them across...
Related topics: Isis
Lebanon Arrests ‘prankster’ For Threatening To Behead Syrian Refugee Children
September 13, 2014: The Raw Story
Lebanese police have arrested a man who staged a sick prank by filming himself threatening to behead three Syrian refugee children left in his care, a security official told AFP on Saturday. The police also briefly arrested the children’s...
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Syria Refugees Attacked In Lebanon
September 13, 2014: Usa Today
The attack was likely meant as revenge for a Lebanese soldier beheaded by militants.        
Related topics: Syria
Us, Saudi Arabia Bolster Lebanon's Weaponry
September 12, 2014: VOA News
The United States and Saudi Arabia are boosting Lebanon's arsenal as the anti-Islamic State coalition moves to confront the jihadist group in the region. The U.S. also pledged Friday to provide the Lebanese Army with additional aircraft, and it...
Related topics: Saudi Arabia
Lebanon Drift Champion Jad Himo Commits Suicide, Says Friend
September 12, 2014: Ya Libnan
The 2013 Middle East Regional winner of Car Park Drift for the Middle East, Lebanon’s Jad Himo, 21 committed suicide on the Beirut-Metn Highway, according to a report by NOW website on Thursday. Himo’s friend, Johnny Nader, who was with him...
$3 Billion Saudi Arms Grant Needs Presidential Signature !
September 11, 2014: Ya Libnan
The finalization of the   contract between France and Saudi Arabia to provide Lebanon with $3 billion   worth of military assistance is being delayed  because it requires the signature of the Lebanese president  that so far does not exist...
Related topics: Saudi Arabia, France, Military
Lebanon Blocks Six Porn Sites, Sparks Fears Of Further Censorship
September 10, 2014: Global Voices
“We will censor it” by Clouds Master via deviantART, licensed for reuse. Mohamad Najem contributed research to this post. Lebanon's Minister of Telecommunications has ordered Internet service providers to block six pornographic...
Related topics: Censorship
Henry Kissinger Calls Iran A ‘bigger Threat Than Isis’
September 10, 2014: Ya Libnan
Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has said that Iran “is a bigger problem that ISIS,” in an interview with Washington-based National Public Radio. “There has come into being a kind of a Shia belt from Tehran through Baghdad to...
Related topics: Iran, Isis, Tehran, Iraq, Baghdad
Lebanon Is Deporting Locally Born Children Of Migrant Workers, Human Rights Groups Say
September 10, 2014: Global Voices
Female domestic migrant workers in Beirut, Lebanon, in February 2009. Photo by Sandra ten Zijthoff. Copyright Demotix. Nine Lebanese civil society organizations have released a statement condemning the expulsion of children of migrant workers born...
Related topics: Human Rights, World Photos
Israel Searching For Hezbollah Tunnels Along Lebanon Border
September 10, 2014: Ya Libnan
The Israeli military is conducting a multi-million dollar search operation for tunnels dug by Hezbollah into Israel despite no evidence of any so far, according to Israeli military sources. An anonymous Israeli military official said that the army...
Related topics: Israel, Hezbollah, Military
Lebanese Christians Form Armed Self-defense Squads On Syrian Border As Islamic State Threats Mount
September 9, 2014:
Christians in Lebanon have been forming armed groups to protect themselves from the encroaching threat of the Islamic State in Syria following cross-border kidnappings and beheadings of Lebanese soldiers and disturbing graffiti threatening the...
Related topics: Religion, Syria
Yougov Poll: Republicans Support Airstrikes In Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan...
September 8, 2014: Hot Air » Top Picks
Uh oh. A characteristically enjoyable entry from YouGov, with obvious bearing on the hawks-versus-doves battle that’s shaping up in the 2016 Republicans primaries. For starters, this table made me smile grimly just because I’m not sure...

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