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Lebanon Will Ask United Nations To Stop Registering Syrian Refugees
23 hours ago: The Raw Story
Lebanon said Thursday it will ask the UN to stop registering refugees who enter the country from war-torn Syria, as it formalised a decision to all but close its borders to them. “As far as the issue of restricting the number of (refugee)...
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Us-led Air Strikes In Syria 'kill 553 In First Month'
October 23, 2014: Business Insider
Beirut (AFP) - Air strikes by the US-led coalition in Syria have killed 553 people since their launch a month ago, the vast majority of them jihadists, a monitoring group said on Thursday.The strikes have killed 464 Islamic State group fighters, 57...
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Security Sources: Lebanese Army Kills 3 In Raid
October 23, 2014: VOA News
Lebanon's army killed three men and arrested several others during a raid on an apartment containing weapons and ammunition where authorities suspected an attack was being planned, security sources said on Thursday. The sources said the apartment...
Syria Airstrikes Kill 553, Including 32 Civilians, During Monthlong Offensive Against Isis: Monitor
October 23, 2014:
BEIRUT, Oct 23 (Reuters) - Air strikes by U.S.-led forces have killed 553 people, including 32 civilians, during a month-long campaign in Syria against Islamic State militants, a Syrian monitoring group which tracks the violence said on ...
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Islamic State Fighters Claim To Have Captured Cache Of Weapons…dropped By U.s.-led Coalition
October 22, 2014:
BEIRUT (TheBlaze/AP) — Islamic State group fighters seized at least one cache of weapons airdropped by U.S.-led coalition forces that were meant to supply Kurdish militiamen battling the extremist group in a border town, activists said...
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Iran Military Ready To Ship Equipment To Lebanon
October 20, 2014: George's Bottom Line
Iranian military says ready to ship defensive equipment to Lebanon
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Lebanon's Jewish Revival
October 20, 2014: Middle East
An Embattled Minority Restores Its Past October 14, 2014 Adam Rasmi ...
Which Startups Should Jump Into The ‘shark Tank’?
October 19, 2014: The Next Web
As child refugees from Lebanon, Donna and Rosy Khalife knew how to get creative. Growing up in Canada, then Massachusetts, their dad taught the sisters how to engrave plastic, recycle metal and create art using global stamps and coins. That sense of...
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The Shia-sunni War Reaches Lebanon
October 19, 2014: Middle East Forum :: Writings
[Published by the Jerusalem Post under the title "New opponents, new challenges in the Middle East"] Hezbollah is under pressure as the consequences of its ongoing intervention in Syria have come back to bite the terrorist organization. There are
Lebanon Blocking Entry To Syrian Refugees Fleeing Conflict: Unhcr Representative
October 18, 2014: RIA Novosti
Lebanon is blocking entry to refugees fleeing conflict in Syria, according to a Saturday statement by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in Lebanon.
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Un: Lebanon Limiting Number Of Syrian Refugees Into Country
October 18, 2014: VOA News
The Lebanese government has cut back sharply on the number of Syrian refugees it is allowing into the country, the United Nations representative in Lebanon said on Saturday. Lebanon has the highest per capita concentration of refugees in the...
Lebanon Pulled Into War With Islamic State Group
October 18, 2014: Nightline's Daily Line
Beyond battlegrounds of Iraq and Syria, Lebanon gets pulled into war with Islamic State group
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What Do People In The Middle East Think About The Islamic State? These Poll Results Will Surprise...
October 16, 2014: The New Republic
How much grassroots support does the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham (ISIS) enjoy in key "coalition" countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Lebanon? Until today, one could only guess at the answer. Recent news reports about the arrests of ISIS...
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Rob Portman Visits Key States While Mulling Presidential Run
October 15, 2014: AOL TV
LEBANON, Ohio (AP) — For someone who's not on the November ballot, Republican Sen. Rob Portman is keeping up a presidential campaign-style schedule by dropping in important states for anyone contemplating a White House bid.The Ohio Republican was...
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Lebanon's Jewish Renaissance
October 15, 2014: Middle East
An Embattled Minority Makes a Reverse Exodus October 14, 2014 Adam Rasmi ...
Turkey Is Now The Latest Country To Deal With Serious Violent Spillover From Syria
October 14, 2014: Business Insider
The Syrian civil war has become a Pandora's box in the Middle East. The conflict ripped the country apart before leading to spillover violence in Iraq, Lebanon, and the UN-patrolled border region with Israel in the Golan Heights.  Now, it might...
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Abdullah Azzam Brigades Leader Calls On Lebanese People To Attack Hezbollah
October 14, 2014: The Long War Journal
Sirajeddine Zurayqat has called on Sunnis in Lebanon to fight Hezbollah. This image, along with his call to arms, was posted on Zurayqat's official Twitter feed. The leader of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades (AAB), an al Qaeda-linked group, has...
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Kurds Halt Is Thrust Into Heart Of Syria's Kobane: Monitor
October 11, 2014: Business Insider
Beirut (AFP) - Kurdish fighters thwarted a bid by Islamic State group jihadists to advance into the centre of the battleground Syrian town of Kobane early on Saturday, a monitoring group said.The attack came after the IS militants overran Kurdish...
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The Week's Best Photojournalism
October 10, 2014: Most Recent News & Opinion Posts from THE WEEK
People ride a Ferris wheel at an amusement park as they celebrate the first day of Eid al-Adha, in Sidon, Lebanon. | (REUTERS/ Ali Hashisho) A dog peers down the aisle as owners and their pets attend a mass honoring Saint Francis of Assisi (the...
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Airstrikes Not Enough To Eradicate Islamic State Militants: Lebanese Ambassador To Russia
October 10, 2014: RIA Novosti
The international coalition formed by the United States to fight against the Islamic State (IS) extremists will not be able to destroy the militants completely with airstrikes alone, Lebanon's Ambassador to Russia, Chawki Bou Nassar, told RIA...
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