Peanuts Fans Unhappy With Specials Being Limited To Apple Tv+, Petition Tops 100,000 Signatures

Apple has a content deal with WildBrain, the company behind the popular "Peanuts" franchise. The deal includes original content like "The Snoopy Show," and, as announced earlier this month, Peanuts specials for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween,...
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Eleven Provider And Patient Organizations Join The American College Of Rheumatology To Oppose...

Eleven provider and patient organizations have joined the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) to petition UnitedHealthcare (UHC) to cancel plans to implement a proposed copay accumulator initiative that would require physicians to share details...

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‘glow’ Deserved To End On Its Own Terms

Welcome to Petition Worthy, a biweekly column that revisits canceled TV shows that we wish had a longer lifespan. In some cases, we’ll also make a plea for them to be given another chance. For this installment, Valerie Ettenhofer laments the news...

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Thurston Moore, Julia Holter, Guy Picciotto & More Sign “justice At Spotify” Petition

Over 600 artists have signed onto the campaign so far, which was launched by the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers. Continue reading…
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[josh Blackman] Judge Costa (ca5): "it Is Often Said That Courts 'strike Down' Laws When...

[He's right.] In Buckley v. American Constitutional Law Foundation (1999), the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional a Colorado law that only permitted registered voters to circulate petitions. The City of Houston (my hometown) had a similar law....

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Opinion: Dirty Campaign Tricks From Big Tobacco?

Gathering signatures for petitions has got to be a frustrating gig during a year when it's dangerous to get within spitting distance of strangers.

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Petitions Of The Week: Deadlines For Attorneys’ Fees, The Elements Of Burglary And More

This week we highlight cert petitions that ask the Supreme Court to decide, among other things, the filing deadline for attorneys’ fees under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and whether Georgia’s burglary statute qualifies as a...

Read More → Petitions Scotus To Hear Jurisdiction Argument In Stream-ripping Lawsuit

While the music industry's war on stream-ripping sites -- sites that have perfectly legitimate and legal uses -- continues, it's true that this is a war in which one side has almost universally surrendered. Facing legal opposition with well-funded...
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Petition Against Us Sanctions On Cuba Addressed To ‘president’ Joe Biden

The 'Puentes de Amor' petition pleads with Democratic candidate Joe Biden as "President of the United States" to lift sanctions on Cuba - but fails to mention that the embargo largely remained in place when he was vice-president under Barack Obama.
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Gm-cruise Petitions Us Government To Deploy Self-driving Car Minus Steering Wheel - Roadshow

GM-Cruise previously filed a petition for a earlier prototype, but it's totally focused on the Origin now.
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Fairfax Teachers Union Wants Schools Closed Until August 2021

If the Fairfax Education Association had its way, public schools would remain closed until at least August 2021—and possibly much longer. The union representing teachers in the northern Virginia school district is asking parents to sign a petition...

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Scotus Takes A Border Wall Case

The Supreme Court granted certiorari in three cases today: Trump v. Sierra Club, Wolf v. Innovation Law Lab, and Lange v. California. The Court took no action (as yet) on a pending petitions challenging election rules in Pennsylvania. Trump v....

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Thailand's Democracy Protests Reflect Rising Dissatisfaction Over The Monarchy

Thai King accused of spending more time in Germany than ThailandA petition calling for Germany to declare Thai King Vajiralongkorn a persona non grata has been blocked from access in Thailand. Image from the Stand News. Despite the announcement of...
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‘dr. Johnny Bananas’: The White House Is Pushing A Fraudulent Medical Petition To Let Covid-19...

Having basically surrendered to the coronavirus, Republican President Donald Trump has increasingly said that he’d like to stop focusing on COVID-19 prevention measures and instead go for “herd immunity.” The White House is even...
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Baseball’s First Commissioner Led A Conspiracy Of Silence To Keep The Sport Segregated

Chris Lamb History, The Americas When commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis received a petition to integrate baseball with over a million signatures, he simply ignored it. The Baseball Writers’ Association of America recently announced that it...

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Baby To Stay On Life Support After Texas Supreme Court Denies Fort Worth Hospital’s Petition

FORT WORTH, Texas — The Texas Supreme Court has denied the petition of a Fort Worth hospital on baby Tinslee Lewis, meaning she will be allowed to stay on life support, according to the state ruling.The case is scheduled to go to trial, according...

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Op-ed: Great Barrington Vs John Snow Is A False Choice

(MedPage Today) -- Dueling petitions about what to do about COVID19 -- the Great Barrington Declaration and the John Snow Memorandum -- are circulating online amongst physicians, public policy makers, and academics. I am not against policy...

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Joe Biden Beats Donald Trump's Town Hall Tv Ratings

Joe Biden and Donald Trump had town halls at the exact same time on Thursday (October 15) (despite petitions and protests from Hollywood stars to stagger the time slots), and Biden easily won in the ratings department. The Democratic nominee pulled...
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Chadwick Boseman Died Without A Will, But His Wife Will Still Be Protected

It has been almost two months since the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman and now we have learned that he didn’t have a will when he passed away. Taylor Simone Ledward has filed a petition to be made the administrator of Chadwick‘s estate...

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Friday Round-up

The justices are meeting Friday for a private conference, where they are taking a second look at petitions that ask them to weigh in on the funding for President Donald Trump’s border wall and a Fourth Amendment issue about police pursuit of a...
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