Orange You Happy To Be A Customer? Spammy Sextortion Malware Only Targeted French Isp

Briefly had screen recording feature too Sextortion is bad. Malware is bad. Spam is bad. Unhappily for a French ISP's users, online crooks combined all three in a hideous attempt to extort cash with custom malware that records their on-screen...
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Sensible Regulations Versus No Regulations

I remember back in the early 2000s, the direct marketing industry and the tech sector worked with Congress to craft sensible regulations for email marketing. The result was called CAN-SPAM and it was passed into law in 2003. The law has been...
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Bots Spammed Millions Of Posts On Twitter Promoting Vaping. Now, Congress Is Investigating Whether...

Congress is investigating whether e-cigarette manufacturers paid for bots to spam social media with pro-vaping posts. Researchers found out earlier this year that hundreds of thousands of social-media posts promoting vaping most likely came from bot...
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The Morning After: Listing 'basically Everything' Launching With Disney+

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. We spent most of yesterday watching Disney's Twitter account spam everything (we mean everything) that'll be live on Disney+ when it launches soon. Seminal works like, er, The Secret of the Magic...
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Want More Email Opens On Your Next Campaign? Try These 5 Tips

This may come as a surprise, but cold emailing is one of the best ways that you can turn your donkey agency into a unicorn agency. You just have to go about it properly. Cold emailing isn’t about spamming your contact list with...

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How To Block Emails On A Samsung Galaxy S10, Or Send Unwanted Emails Directly To Spam

You can block emails on a Samsung Galaxy S10 in a few different ways.  If you use the default Email app or Outlook, you can't block senders, but you can mark them as spam, which automatically sends further emails to the spam folder. If you use the...
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Fox News Runs With Anti-hillary Tweet From 'hugh Janus'

Fox News is so nakedly partisan and so incredibly obsessed with Hillary Clinton that they will run any story, any tweet, any statement that confirms their hatred (and fear) of her. Today's special comes to them via an obvious spam/bot account with...
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Using Machine Learning To Hunt Down Cybercriminals

Hijacking IP addresses is an increasingly popular form of cyber-attack. This is done for a range of reasons, from sending spam and malware to stealing ... Read more
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How To Block Senders In Mail App On Iphone And Ipad

Khamosh Pathak Keep getting added to annoying email threads that spam filters just won’t catch? Use the new Block Sender feature in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 to automatically archive new email from a particular sender in the Apple Mail app. How to...
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Protonmail: The Email Security You Need With The Features You Want

Nowadays, security is more important than ever when it comes to our digital lives. With hackers, spammers, and security breaches galore, you can never be too safe. So when it comes to your email communications, you don’t want to take...
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There's A Simple Way To Stop All Those Emails From Every Store You Go To That Uses Square Payment...

If you've ever used a credit or debit card to pay at a store that uses Square, you've probably gotten a lot of spam emails. Here's how to stop that.
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Facebook Settles Court Case With Company Selling Fake Instagram Likes

Instagram has been struggling recently from an onslaught of spam comments, fake likes and fake follows. Now Facebook, which owns the service, has won a small victory against the spammers. The social media giant has settled a court case with a New...
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Can-spam Act Is Important And Painful For Email Marketers

Business practices are changing every day. Nowadays, companies and startups are interested in increasing market share maximization with the use of new technology like email marketing. Today digital marketing tools practice helping those companies in...
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Trolls Be Gone: Twitter Is Rolling Out A New Anti-abuse Feature For Direct Messages

Source: ALASTAIR PIKE / Getty Twitter Rolls Out Anti-Abuse Feature for Direct Messages Twitter has just announced that it is releasing a spam and abuse filter for direct messages, which, for some, is a much-needed feature for the...
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Twitter Launches Its Anti-abuse Filter For Direct Messages

Twitter is rolling out its spam and abuse filter for Direct Messages, a month and a half after the company announced it had started testing the feature. The filter will be available on Twitter’s iOS, Android and Web apps. The filter adds a new...
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Users Spam Schwarzenegger’s Instagram After He Posts Pic Of Son In Russian Army Uniform

Austrian-American actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has left his Instagram followers open-mouthed after posting a picture of his 22-year-old son in what seems to be a Russian military outfit.
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You have a new message, please pay to see it. Oh, it's from Klick4_n00dz_9000 America's trade watchdog claims the owner of, Tinder, and other dating sites, shafted its lonely-hearts by allowing obviously bogus bot profiles to feign...

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Here Are All The Best Features That Just Came To The Iphone

iOS 13 is the latest software update for the iPhone and it comes with a lot of great features like dark mode and new gestures. From blocking spam calls to finally rotating vertical videos, we've compiled the best ones and show you how to use...
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Limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Spam Sells Out In Less Than 7 Hours

Pumpkin Spice Spam is the fall treat you didn't know you needed, nor probably wanted in your life, although some people couldn't get their hands on it fast enough. The new fall-inspired Spam went on sale on Monday, Sept. 23 and sold out...

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World’s Most Destructive Botnet Returns With Stolen Passwords And Email In Tow

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) If you've noticed an uptick of spam that addresses you by name or quotes real emails you've sent or received in the past, you can probably blame Emotet. It's one of the world's most costly and destructive...
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